Helpful Contacts for Buyers and Sellers

Real Estate

Agents of Texas:
Boyd Holley, Broker 254-386-5144
Black Real Estate:
Christi Black, Agent 254-796-4178
Burks Real Estate:
Calvin Burks, Broker 254-865-3601
Christian Realty:
Sheena Christian-Dolloff, Broker 254-386-5904
Coalson Properties:
Jason Coalson, Broker 254-485-3731
Cobb Properties:
Stefanie Cobb, Broker 972-989-5220
Crystal Realty:
Cynthia Hunt, Broker 254-485-0717
Davidson-Craig Real Estate:
Jeff Ensor, Broker 254-386-3619
Double S Real Estate:
Sarah Koether, Agent 254-206-0413
Hortenstine Ranch Company:
Bret Polk, Agent 254-965-0349
Lee Real Estate:
Ralph Lee, Broker 254-386-3590
Liveoak Properties:
Josh Mehaffey, Broker 254-386-8313
McGregor Real Estate:
Dena McGregor, Broker 254-386-8434
Smith Ranch Realty:
Jeremy Smith, Broker 254-796-4480
Stanford Real Estate:
Stanley Stanford, Broker 254-471-3192
Texas Brand Land Company:
Larry Kinney, Broker 254-597-2508


Hamilton County: 254-386-1205
City of Hamilton: 254-386-8116
City of Hico: 254-796-4231 hico-tx.xom
City of Evant: 254-471-3135

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office: 254-386-8128
City of Hamilton Police Department: 254-386-3805
City of Hico Marshall’s Office: 254-796-4231
Game Warden Training Center: 325-948-3301

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce: 254-386-3216
Hico Chamber of Commerce: 254-434-1249
Hamilton County Appraisal District: 254-386-8945
Hamilton Herald News: 254-386-3145
Hico News Review: 254-796-4325
Evant Star: 254-471-5767
Circle T Arena: 254-386-3559
Perry Country Club: Hamilton 254-386-3383
Bluebonnet Country Club: Hico 254-796-1943
Legends Country Club: Stephenville 254-968-2200
Squaw Valley Golf Club: Glen Rose 800-831-8259
Hamilton Public Library: 254-386-3474
Hamilton Civic Theatre: 254-386-3854


Ag Texas Farm Credit Services: Stephenville 254-965-3151
Extraco Banks: Hamilton 254-386-8937
First Community Bank: Hico 254-796-2665
First National Bank: Evant 254-471-5531
FSB Central Texas: Hamilton 254-386-8124
Interbank: Stephenville 254-552-5300
Lone Star Ag Credit: Cleburne 817-558-4902 Lampasas 512-556-3372
Stephenville 254-965-3612
Mills County State Bank: Hamilton 254-386-4461
Hico 254-796-4221

Casualty Insurance

Agents of Texas: 254-386-5144
Boyd Holley, Agent
Extraco Insurance: 254-386-3133
Texas Farm Bureau: 254-386-8131
Rodney Craddick, Agency Manager
Giessner Insurance: 254-796-4727
Kenneth Giessner, Agent


Hamilton General Hospital: 254-386-1600
Dr. James “Randy” Lee, M.D.
Dr. Luke Killian, M.D.
Dr. Robbye Lengefeld, M.D.
Dr. Timothy Rudolph, M.D.
Dr. William Shalor Craig, M.D.
Dr. Charles Johnson, M.D.
Dr. Kristen Stegemoller, M.D.
Family Practice Rural Health Clinic: 254-386-1700
Hico Clinic: 254-796-4224
Wellness Center: 254-386-1800

Crouch Clinic: 254-386-8149
Dr. Mark Crouch, M.D.

Dr. Jerry Zschiesche, DDS: 254-386-8448
Dr. Johnny Clark, DDS: 254-386-8957
Dr. Craig Rose, DDS: 254-796-4500

Kunkel Chiropractic: 254-386-4850
Dr. Kasey Kunkel, D.C.
Hamilton Family Chiropractic: 254-386-0060
Dr. Sara Ensor, D.C.

Hamilton City Drug: 254-386-3121
Jordan Pharmacy: 254-386-3111
Best Value Hico Pharmacy: 254-796-4271

Hamilton Medical supply: 254-386-5556
Lee Healthcare: 254-386-8971
Solaris Healthcare: 254-386-8998


Hamilton ISD: 254-386-3149
Hico ISD: 254-796-2182
Evant ISD: 254-471-5536
Jonesboro ISD: 254-463-2111